A Tango con Aurevan @ The Humming Tree

Still a lot of work to do, but I enjoyed dancing as it’s been a beautiful Tango evening, thanks to Aurevan, Pino & Caterina, all the dancers and especially my beloved students!

Special thanks to Rahul and Jency for the videos!

Another Tango with Jency

A beautiful day, really… thanks to our wonderful group. The ladies were beautiful, the men so gentle, the tangos so sweet and caring, and the energy so positive, as usual… ♥ !

Closure of the second first-timers batch

A Tango with Jenz, my first Bangalorean student (thanks!), to celebrate the end of the second first-timers batch, and illustrate the intentions of the course: embrace, posture and balance.

One more great Tango week-end in Auroville!

Thanks to Abilash, Rhea, Hrishi and Aurevan for their pics/shots!

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End of the year lessons and milongas


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First workshop in Auroville of the New Year!

Thanks to Aurevan, Jorge & Monna for making the workshops possible, and Aurevan & Mauro for their shots ;)

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October’s workshop in Auroville… and Pondicherry!

October’s milongas!

September & October’s lessons and practicas

… followed by our traditional Chai Patty meetings.

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September’s practica!

Thanks Shrek for some of the shots ;)

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